I know I know there is still some time left for my funeral…and it also takes a little more fame to be buried on West Brompton cemetery in London…but already found the song I want to be played the moment when they lay down my body where it always belonged to…Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.
My second massage yesterday wasn’t as sleepy as the first one yet a lot more inspiring. It was hard to relax with all the visions…though my poetry barely carries any of the visions. Lately I see more of my past…some cruel dreams I am used to already…I had one of the rare repeating future dreams the past night where I saw two girls…I suppose two friends in an orphanage…the evil girl breaks one window and tries to break a second one…then she cuts the neck of the other and ”hangs” her on the the rest of the window…only some pieces of sharp glass hold her…then she falls into a green container…a slim gray haired man with glasses finds her and as she cant go back she goes along with him. This scene is actually a flashback within the dream…before, I see myself with my mother arguing that she has to leave me behind and goes home with the car (a red car) (I do understand the reason why I do think so) , so I have to walk home through my home town and pass this house and suddenly I do get this flashback. (You may remember this is still a dream, not a movie)
And even now awake, I do not understand what this flashback got to do with me and my situation…although…I admit that this broken glass somehow ”attracts” me – open for any kinda interpretation.
I already do have a whole clear picture (vision) of my home town in future still it was anyway interesting to see…and sad.

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