After watching some series about fat people I decided to walk to the shop (and because my right knee was still in pain). So, I settled all my things and left the house with listening to Eric Clapton’s Layla. I felt like walking on clouds and everytime the music went off I sank. I remembered how I always were waiting for my mother to pick me up from school. And even today I skip the last part (it is like five minutes only slow music; can make you high)
As I walked on I listened to the latest singles of Sonata Arctica and watched the white tree seeds flying around. They are much more than in the year I wrote ‘Snow in June’. By the way this week I found out that the writing of my name with ”k” is actually a Swedish version. That knowledge can give you a totally new view on your name and who your parents thought you will become one day.
As I passed the cemetry, shortly I reached the shop I heard the rusty voice of Gianna Nannini, still crying for her unbelievable man.
Well, it was a strange walk with memories and poetic impression. I think I dreamed of a poetic idea last night, still forgot to note it down.
Surprisingly I got my BA certificate on Monday. Without any essential warning. With 2,22 as German grade it is a funny number and better than I expected.
The last days I worked on my list. Searching information about NHS, bus and train times, what the en suite rooms in the dorm look like (I could not blieve when I saw the ground plans: every single room has its own bathroom! just with a shared kitchen – that is socialising but still no loss of privacy…I simply need my own toilet close by). And tomorrow I have an appointment at the bank that has a cooperation with world wide banks.
In fact all is moving quite well…I still do not write poetry frequently. Today would have been a good chance; I did not think of my computer striking against my plans. Three years without reformat is torture and that is why it decided to not work anymore. You may be forgiven today.
Maybe I write only some ideas and, as usual, the perfectionization follows when I have too much time.

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