A delicate sketch

Just as it is my usual dreamy manner I strolled through the book shop in Canterbury late morning. A group of German youngsters did not realize the true purpose of books. They are simply not used to kindles and e-books – which, I believe, they should count themselves lucky for.
With the noise in the background, it was hard to focus on the rather delicate book I held in my hands: a collection of erotic comics (a history from 1970s to the present day). I never saw it before in that store, but oh, I chortled deep inside when I saw Manara’s Gullivera. 
Although I have read too much of Manara’s comics to actually blush even in a shop, I could not help a look around me. 
…no, I had no reason to feel naughty, after all it was a book available to everyone who could reach the top shelf (kinda obscene child safety). It showed not only Manara’s works…the variety amazed me…different styles..of drawing and sketches, I mean ….how is the most intimate act in the world presented in a comic, and, believe it or not, this niche has gone through quite a development…also in form of a definition what the sexual act actually is…at some point, painters turned away from animals…but made the human an animal (and after all we all are – but also aliens, mutants)…artists discovered alternative forms of sex.
For my better good, I will not give any descriptions here (and probably my personal favourite would be the time before the 1970s), but for people who have a true sense for fine art and can perceive this subject matter as a part of art, ”Erotic comics – a graphic history” proves to be interesting.

Now I am listening to love songs….
this one is for all the very correct writers (and lovers).

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