A Question of Extrication

Here we are: sixteen years after the Simpsons predicted a Trump presidency and someone finally invented pencils that grow into a plant.

Oh right! And don’t forget that poetry has become the hip currency to pay for your morning coffee.

Liberation is a big part of growing up, but not growing older?
Shouldn’t we review our lifestyle every five or so odd years to make sure we turn out to be decent souls by the end of our days.

On occasion music reminds me of what I really want – and yes, of what I have once been. And the next day I read an article on how Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is a badly run business because Wonka, who has the creative ideas in his organisation, does not allow his Umpa Lumpas to be creative, inventive or think outside the box. Animated micro-managing. 

One day I will put up the drawings and paintings of all the artists whom I loved and who have died for the wrong reasons.

And if you still wonder why….

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