Another kind of self pity

Work time was very short today…so I came back home for a shower…walking by the fruit shop which showed in big letters ”Culture is everything”…
I am so glad that I ended up in a town that is named after a bread…that has got a pub with a pink spotted cow hanging above its name ”The Red Cow” …only the fruit man seems to be thinking beyond the children playgrounds where horses graze.
I don’t roll my eyes anymore when I see people in a dozen santa claus costumes running around by the sea in mid July, or when a dozen gnomes in green go around town playing the fiddle.
What’s wrong with that, anyway?

I want to buy myself a ring….but it is just so wrong!

I shouldn’t be buying jewellery for myself…no man seems to do that for me though.

Gosh, I am so old school and then everyone’s surprised when I end up with guys twice my age.

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