Ars somnium

A comment, to elaborate on conscious impossibilities

I knew there was something wrong with the line when I wrote it, to be more precise when I put it as a memo onto my phone.
It somehow is not elaborate enough; of course, I mean the conscious subconsciousness of dreams.
Hmmm that doesn’t sound the slightest more explanatory. 
Alright, let’s start with the actual Big Bang. 
Yes, dreams are subconscious, reflecting our deepest wishes, desires and all the hopes we cannot even think but dream of. 
I remember three weeks ago you may find an interesting entry in my diary (unpublished). I had one of those rare dreams you only find real because you live in a different universe. Thus, the following day I did not only hang onto the sensation of the warm soil of a poppy field, I also thought about how my dreams are categorised.
Dreams, at least I know of my dreams, are never just as simple as nightmare or subconscious output, or both. I believe, I put my dreams into three categories: 
a) Those dreams I can place on a dream map…that are dream places where I always return to over the years…not in the same dream exactly but a dream environment where certain cemeteries, castles or harbours always return…and instinctively I know then which part of the map, part of the place, I am in at the moment.
– This is, by the way, my favourite category of dreams, although I have seen quite a few cruel things…suicides…and in the same harbour town, I at least once a year sneak into the sheet music room of a music school. Those dreams are my haven. – 
b) This category is made up of all the dreams which are a different dimension. Now that is a bit harder. In the past four to five years I discovered a different type of dreams. In my childhood and up until my early twenties I had a lot of a-category dreams but in the last years this shifted into another perspective. In this b-category dreams I experience things closer to impossibility, and parallel universes where, for example, I may have the same body like in the reality I wake up to every morning, but events take a different turn.
– A side note on perspective: I am intrigued how my ”subconscious” changes perspective within dreams. It is an art in itself, just like they do in movies. When the event begins to unfold then you see yourself and perhaps others, an object or your environment from an outside perspective, and when you in the dream begin to take a dream-conscious action then the perspective shifts internally. –
c) The last category is basically the rest of dreams which are lose puzzle pieces for now and cannot be suitably arranged in one of the above mentioned categories (every good analyst does this, and I see how convenient it is not to have to explain everything).

What makes them all distinctive, as subconsciousness is certainly what they all have in common? Now, that is easy: Feeling. Someone who is aware of his dreams and remembers his dreams a lot (we always dream every night but our brains often do not feel the need to remember our dreams) will get a feel one day which dream you are in. Up from then, the analysis, is instinctive.

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