Tonight I banned his teddy bears out of my bed…I might have more courage to take them to the charity shop, unlike his trousers and socks which…against all legality…I threw into the purple rubbish sacks – which are not recycling, sorry.

Yet the pictures…like an almost 40 year old man shouting he loves me and vomiting in front of my back door or how  his extremities rest in her..thousand of miles away while I cry the tears of the innocents…yeah, the pictures are not attached to the teddy bears…well, maybe they are…yet they do not go away so easily….the cruelty done to me…carries me away with the wind.
This disgust…makes me want to have bath every hour………..

When I got out of bath today I remembered something seemingly severe from my childhood, despite the mermaid, with a light green tail which you could take off so she could walk, I always played with…I remembered that I always wanted to be the first having bath (that were the times before we had a shower) because I did not like dirty water…still don’t

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