Bloody believers, damn birds

Sometimes the advantages living near a pub are so obvious:
When I look out in the morning I see the sea and the Union Jack, I see France’s white cliffs and under good conditions even the green – not the cows though (who’d want to see French cows anyway…) almost every time I return home by bus. 
The live music in the evening is occasionally good…while sitting in my bathroom…after a long day…removing my nail polish…listening to ”More than a feeling”
Gosh, earlier when I opened the upstairs window to let some air in a seagull almost attacked me
Oh oh ”Hold the line” by Toto…that was the first song I listened to when I was in London for the first time ever
I made my first ever lasagne today…and believe it or not: it was even eatable.

…and yet I still wonder why the pub around the corner celebrates the American Independence Day…

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