Ipseity – Conceptual Poetry


Ipseity is a unique combination of Conceptual Poetry, black and white photography and illustrations exploring the beginnings of literature and the Self.
A transparent dust cover around the book takes you onto a journey exploring how the Self unfolds with the letters, words and short poems.

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Not a traditional collection of poems or simple black letters on a white page, Ipseity is a unique blend of Conceptual writing exploring the Self through poetry, black & white photography and illustrations.

Edging on Philosophy with a touch of physics and the strange, Lady of Poetry’s Ipseity discovers how the Self develops, how it grows and is shaped by its surroundings.
The author’s artistic eye on philosophy shapes her understanding of man’s discovery of the word and, against all poetic odds, the conclusion that words are just the beginning of a journey.

Ipseity, and Conceptual Poetry, is not for the quick read but asking the reader to linger, let the impression of the black and white space persist, and go on an adventure of self-discovery.

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Dimensions 25 × 17.6 × 0.7 cm

Paperback Cover, Soft Touch, Transparent Dust Cover




104 Pages

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