Business intuition

So, what’s up with me in the last two weeks. 
Well, the answer is: ever since the rain and cool air came back things straightened out once again. 
In a weird way though. Probably that way that won’t let me pay my bills at the end of the month.
There are more options, more work in vain because people are not precise enough with their wishes and a lot of ideas of what could be.
I have gone a little bit into freelance work but it is more socially frustrating than I thought…every business start up is. Working from home has its cosy advantages, including disadvantages which circle around my figure and the lack of talking to someone. 
You obviously have to have some sort of gut feel for the jobs you accept or not.
Where is thy art my friend…I am on the line to saying I take three days off and do only what I would enjoy this week…like reading through some Dutch books, watching the news in the morning. Ah, but don’t think I would not want to work at all…

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