Congrats to all the women! You survived!

Under the hot water I wondered if you already see me as a woman or still as the seventeen year old girl…
I missed you so much last night…that’s why the lyrics.

I am full of leek, carrots, potatoes and lentils. Today I made lentil soup…curry lentil soup and…clumsy me did cut my thumb…now there is some kinda hole in…looks like a red crater. It was bleeding for half an hour and even with plaster on I had to be careful when putting on my new British bed sheets (by the way, there is no union Jack on…just a floral motive). It also felt special when I started wearing my new bra, which I bought in Brighton (additionally to the b-series, it is black)
Hmmm why my hair is so full now after drying it?

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