Creeping Water

Now I definitely know why libraries are usually on the first floor…
I couldn’t concentrate on O’Sullivan’s miserable game of snooker anymore, so I got into my jeans and coat and went out to speak with the neighbours. Then I went for a walk preparing myself for the events of the night.

A sheer state of war, inclusive of dark skies.
If you knew the river on a low tide level, harmless with its winds coming from inland. Now, men in bright yellow vests maneuver their tractors with sand bags through the crowds. While my mind buzzed through the cracking branches, down Quay Lane the weather was mild. A few minutes later it began to rain, right then when the man in the news van desperately tried to get a signal.

Darkness slowly creeps in now, just like the water will in the next twenty-four hours, rising by 1,4m. Some talk of evacuation.

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