”Damn, I get the feeling I’m becoming a god…” (Vespasian on his deathbed)

Saturday, 14th May 2011

I never told them that if I did not have such a good self-control they’d be long dead already.
The guys handling me don’t know anything.
I warn them, I am dangerous.
They just laugh.
Maybe I should be more precise with the warning: dangerous for body and soul…understanding of the world.
Most of them are not ready yet for…?
A break with themselves.

I began reading the book now; the first few lines and then I couldn’t carry on…
too dangerous for me
…my demons

Would a book make you kill?

Would a book make you want to kill?

People took each other’s life for a lot less.

After some more struggle with myself I managed to buy a Father’s Day card
Without emotion, like the rain
A formality

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