Dare or treat

A pretty medieval theme
1500 pieces

Although by sunrise it did not look very successful a day in my world, I can sit on my sofa, with wet hair by the fire and say I have managed quite a lot. In particular mentally.
Besides giving some relief to my throat later in the day, I was fascinated by how much a person can still handle when suffering is greatest.
However, the urge was present yet unsuccessful. I didn’t have a print out of my MA thesis, and didn’t want to miss the bus. Sure, I anyway missed it because in a one thousand people village there had to be a queue of five in the bank on a Monday morning.
Flu and hormones made my temperature fluctuate (been a while that I used this word), still I sat in my leather jacket for everyone to admire my red boots (I received so many comments about my boots than ever about anything else.) Not even the second hand book shop had one Nietzsche book. The ”proper” book shop could present two: both ”beyond good and evil” (urgh one of them was a Penguin edition)…which…although I was lost in the book, I was alone. Psychology, criminology, dictionaries and history are on the lower ground floor, where one wall is open to show visitors the foundations of Canterbury…a good concept for tourism but what tourist would lower himself into the grounds of education!? Only the true lost souls would dare as much.

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