Diary of a Psychological Ectomorph

– originally captioned Hubris

A couple of days in some of the higher class hotels in the North, the Guardian writing about oil prices and Huxley’s Human Situation could confuse anyone’s mind. His philosophy may appear quite shallow but spot on. More relevant, more truthful than ever.
Everyone seeks the greatest of politeness and in fact feels otherwise…like two girls in the quiet coach who never shut up for two hours (and you plead for consciousness…if that ability still exists in women then they hide it out of vanity or tread it with their high heels) or the kitchen girl offering me orange juice for breakfast – I liked her natural accent when she talked to the waiter.
We are not self aware…already for a long time, we lost the ability (probably declining exponentially with intelligence).
In that way, country folk are more truthful to nature than the small percentage of upper and middle class.
Huxley may think Darwinism brought about change in awareness but for change you have to approach those with power, not the peasants who know reality for centuries already. And where the cat bites its tail is only up there…because they would never act sensibly, because it is them suffering most with perpetual consequences.
Reading the section on population explosion induces the desperate need to join a secret society…

The rest I shall take to bed with me.

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