Epidemic or instinct

Dear F

I am not going to blame you. Someone had to begin with it. It simply became the lifestyle in a man’s life, bit like metrosexuality and pox together. 

A few general questions to the world:

What do you think how many people are out there, actually loving someone else probably for the rest of their lives, and yet being with another just to not be alone?
It sounds romantic, yet closer to torture.
How many people out there sleep with their partner in one bed, inside each other, create a new life and yet think of someone else ”romantically”?

Maybe I have missed the plot somewhere…or romanticism is still too deep in my bones….plainly spoken:
How the hell you can be with someone who you do not absolutely, fully love? And where does betrayal (eww evil word: cheating) come into play here?

Comments appreciated!
It is an enigma of life I haven’t given in to…yet I dare say. I have not even begun to understand the spread of the epidemic, already I seem to be in the midst of it…as usual huh?

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