Europe in turmoil

Watching the Eurovision song contest…and noting down the songs I like – love, passion and….only Finland had to forcefully beg for marriage and have two women kissing at the end of the performance (what a cliche…)…but what can you expect from a show that already started with France!? 

Notes from Friday

Life lesson 0002: gut feeling never lies.
I knew, felt for half a year something had to change in my job situation.
Naturally you can smell dark clouds while there is still blue sky.
And, it has become obvious that something around me is making an effort to offer luck…like the bird poo on my window or my hair for that matter last Sunday (bloody duck!)…then I found a ten pounds note on the street yesterday morning…which is a glitch compared to the fact that by September I won’t have a job anymore.
I never trusted fate to free me from panic.

[Hmm like Malta, for its lyrics]

Have a good evening Angels

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