Family chronicle

Good evening Angelz

Today started slowly but somehow gained speed pretty quick.
Five minutes for the pedicure (the fresh feet feeling is definitely worth the time).
Five minutes to buy pasta for lunch.
And two hours talking with my grandmother (the one who is still sane).
She told me stories I have never heard of…she told me about my grand-grandfather and grand-grandmother. Many fascinating things of a time after the war.
Now that I think of it: a lot of people died here in this house…my grannies brother, mother, and father died here…and it is still unknown why my grand-grandfather left the house (back then not more than a ruin) not to his children but to my father. I have never seen a picture of him…only of Luise (my grand-grandmother) who was very ill all her life (a heart problem).
Actually I do not even have a second grandfather because the one grandfather who is still alive is not the father of my father…in fact this was nothing new to me…I got it from other conversations already but today my grandmother underlined it again: that my ”grandfather” did everything for his children and their children (true).

If I did not have to go for cooking lunch, I could have listened to her for ages…the time before my birth may not bring more light into my childhood but it might explain why I came into this family.

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