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Back into Deal, I wonder about this curious mix of people. Old and babies. Decay and bottles of beer. There are extremes that I cannot bear with anymore. I have to fear the moment.
I do because the seating area in the library is back. Everything is so crowded but it is not life.
No it is not this essence of life that I learn about lately.
It’s the essence of humanity, humanity that dies. Humanity that claims to be living yet it is merely alive.

It annoys me that people cannot wait – they speak too quickly, they turn the pages of a newspaper like it was an uncontrollable pile of meat. None of them is settled in their mind. If any of them are run over by a lorry, 3 minutes and 42 seconds after or she get off the train, the world wouldn’t even notice.
The loss is so minimal that they could scrape off his left-overs from his/her (unhappy) Indian take-away and serve it to starving children in North-West Africa.
Man wants to make his life meaningful – how more meaningful than what I mentioned before could it get though.
Men dont worship life, they worship decadence.


  1. Anonymous

    I do not know if anyone else wrote in. But you should have used a flash or something. These note are impossible to read.
    If you're trying to encourage anyone at least help them by making it readable.
    Just thought I would mention it.

  2. When you read the images on a desktop computer or a laptop you can click on them and they increase in size. When you read them on a mobile device you will have to zoom in.
    The colour – darkness if you so wish – fulfills a purpose.
    My intentions lie with my art, not with my readers.

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