feelings trampled to death

Wow now I know what it feels like when a growing feeling is murdered right in the beginning..there is hope to feel more of the person than just his invisible hands at night.
There is a pressure between my left and right brain.
Hmm seems like this week I will finish three poems…in fact, my apple poem is finally done…just needs some feedback. And now I had enough of apple poems for the next time.
Finally, tomorrow I’ll get my professional massage and it is needed.
Some huts for the Christmas market are built up already…close to the bus station there is one with German sausages.
Feel like showing some poetry today…

Rain and colours
Lemon season
coffee chop ped
mashed apples
in a Winter’s day
yellow signs factory
neon leaf lets banana
grow under
giant snow woman
become fertile trees
only in pink
crafts and passion
under shelter we sit
& smoke, read
Bride birds bang into shiny glance
wait for the sun to repeat
Dandelions dangle under dark knight
lamp shade
Khaki curry dust damp
Military green mingles in a stream

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