Gentle licks

Although I deal with the tightest budget I booked a flight from Berlin to London, meaning beginning of September I’ll stay in Germany for a few days. Somehow knowing so makes me jolly.
In my head I sometimes seek revenge in the most brutal way, yet…common sense would tell me that I had enough of fighting.
Gently the warm sea wind licks my wounds
…and when I see the fishermen and the calmness of the waves I know I belong here. I know I have arrived where I always wanted to be…and exactly that takes all my monetary worries away. Almost creepy how carefree I am.
I have settled my soul a little. I still don’t understand the system…feel less emotionally tense – physically the change of my pill has its effect.
I deny German culture in its complete sense (except for German football) but perhaps it’s true that I missed going to Germany. 
My parents have asked several times when I am coming back home (their home, of course). I felt reluctant cause of my emotional state and also cause of the money.

– Gosh! The whole male world seems all open to me again. –

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