Heaven, hell and earth – all in one day

Hey Angelz
Now thinking of it, it appears to me that I had a short stop in heaven (in Poetry Library) in London and then in hell and then found myself walking on earth again.
I did not stay in London as I planned until Wednesday. I returned last night after seeing my hostel was like 12 sqm with four beds in it (ground floor and milk glass window). A good room to commit suicide but not for a pleasant night.
I am uncertain about going there again tomorrow because of a Globe visit…actually I should be writing a little more, not only hanging around and hoping for experience.
At least I did some useful things today…finally opening my bank account and getting some new clothes. Just the new phone is still on the list. But plan to challenge this topic end of this month.
Guess that is it for new…am at a reading now…soon beginning…and somehow enjoy the convenience that nowadays you can sign into every network to get connected to the internet. (maybe spoiling me a bit as well).
Have some nice for the rest of the week

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