”I hate thinking, then I start to dream again”

I may not be ready yet for ”Human, All too human”, still I watched a rather biased documentary about his life and work.
It set me thinking, of course. In particular his death (ah, yes every death makes me think, even though still in far future)…after years of study…after years of intense thinking….the BBC portrayed his end in a sanatorium (and later as an object to the public in his sister’s house) as if saying: ”Ha, that is where you end up when you think too much.” This is not only a full proof of manipulating media, but it is also not true. 
Thinkers attempt to improve the world in their own world. Then lines fade. In Nietzsche’s case he attacked religion, and when there is no god anymore others and you can believe in, then there must be something else, then the power must come from within, which means we all are gods.
If mankind does not seek to climb on the same level as god, then we explain it the way they have done in ancient Greece….bring the gods down to earth.
Is that the most natural explanation?
Hmmm, it is a debate I won’t enter…my thought lies somewhere else…for example, with Nietzsche’s Nazi sister who re-wrote and sold his works to the Nazis although Nietzsche was against nationalism. The BBC said, he even walked out of a Wagner opera because the piece was too nationalistic.
Specualation, after all.
Still, the ”incident” with his sister may prove…artists should be beware of who they trust their works with after life – or after sanity, for that matter.
The thoughts here about my own end mingle. Statistics prove that dementia is more feared in society than cancer.

Existentialism in my head begins to mutate, gently.

Earlier this morning, I received an email from a long known online friend, and somewhere in the middle, he wrote:

”I hate thinking, then I start to dream again.”

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