Insight into the ”light-work”

I am doing good.
Exception: I did not go into the exhibition. The ticket queue was as long as the Thames.I was already annoyed after the bag search, so I wandered through the open exhibition named ”Poetry and dream”…surrealism…stared at Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus. I lost myself in the picture for about a minute and that seemed to make the whole trip worthwhile. The mob streamed into the low entry ceilings of the former factory…and well, you know what I am like with crowds…so I only sneaked through some quiet lanes of London to find my way to the German food shop, bought some chocolate there and then left the busy city again. What a culture shock, really! A deep feeling of home made  me float when I stood in my  kitchen again.
The world’s fate unfolds, leaders and soldiers are made.
I have made the mistake wanting to be with soldiers of the modern world but as a guide you don’t want to watch the dead, you rather want to follow the light, with half an eye on the people falling. That’s why we are also called lightworkers.

Note for the future: look for a local lightworker as partner.

I admit I always enjoy giving advice to my brother. When I heard he is looking for a flat with his girlfriend my alarm bells rang – because about two weeks ago he told me he is not sure if he actually wants to be with her for much longer – his reasoning is a little too flat: she became too fat (my reasoning: they both have a different lifestyle – she is more like me, a bit lazy and the enemy of any sort of movement and my brother is a ”sports fanatic”)
Of course, I was a little unlucky when I asked my brother on Facebook about this contradiction…not knowing that his girlfriend was sitting next to him (damn that always happens to me…specially with the people who try to hide a truth)
Moving in together is a huge commitment and you should be dead sure about it…what you would be able to sacrifice and how often. In the end your partner shouldn’t be a burden…well, I warned my brother to actually take the burden on him…the burden of controlling her (eating habits)… gosh, he is 21…he deserves more than a burden. However, he has taken the decision to move in with her because only that way he can decide if it works out. Okay, I see him straight flying…falling but…I only could wish him good luck.
When I thought about that yesterday I noted the irony: my mother always wanted me to be a teacher. I am some sort of teacher…not the kind she is or knows but…a bit more sophisticated. 

So, now I have to get back to cleaning my bathroom. The library, a vanilla late and some photography books await me in a few hours.

Amazing song….Sophia – What you said

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