Instinctive Configuration

Despite that the net seems to be so vast and open, you can still hide. Others just don’t want to be found… or they simply don’t know you are looking for them to seek further clarification.

…condemned to more welcomed silence in the last four days I follow more of a 19th century Russian detective in a book discovered in a second hand bookshop.
It’s fatal buying fiction from such places!
Good cynical characters always must be fiction. When the book ends on page 266 I feel as much as love could express.
I sink into sleep wearing a dark green velvet dress, in the arms of a uniformed Russian soldier. My need for relentless affection and being united with my genetic heritage embark on a crossing from the book, through various nerve ends into darkness taking shelter in dreams.


Dreams are not only the link between reality and the un-real – a distinction to the surreal has to be made; for the sake of Dali – May Thalia bless his soul, but the connection between philosophy and psychology, right through to pure science (as our dreams, emotions and every visual image we experience originate in the brain). Distinctive lines are faint. The unconscious, of course, affects our more conscious states, adjusting opinion and thoughts. One may say it is an instinctive reconfiguration, indeed.

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