It makes me walk like a true queen

Tonight it is cucumber salad with warm egg mmmm

I have decided to go to Tintagel castle this summer; after checking a possible travel route I realized….half of Cornwall has no railway stations….and even buses are hard to find…ideal walking route…even in summer (not too horribly hilly)…it eases my mind already thinking of the breeze there.

Something is drawing me to the birth place of Arthur…a place of legend…I need legend in my life.

My yoga class I go to every week is a real pleasure…it made my tummy muscles all tight today (never happened before)…the relationship to my spine betters daily. 

Bit by bit, I find a balance…stretching into many elements


  1. Anonymous

    as i sit here contemplating my next move on the chess board of life i find it difficult to move out of the stalemate mindset.the trap that can cause one to win and the other to loose.
    who really does win in the game of life?

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