It’s all about pleasing, huh?

Good Morning Angels, good morning storm gods of the sea

still in bed the day’s preview is: Stay in bed…oh what a grim weather! I am sure they cancel the school’s maypole dancing then…very unfortunate as I really was curious about going there.
Work of more than a year
Further more subtle plans of today’s bank holiday:
I checked out a German shop in London (against all odds huh?) and decided to go there next time I am in London….which may be even this month…anyway, for today I took the heavy decision to break with my rule above…and sneak out to the supermarket to get Sauerkraut…luckily they do not only sell that one at German shops but in ”normal” supermarkets…so we are having a usual German sauerkraut (I am sure the sauerkraut from the supermarket was not made in Germany anyway but rather Poland or Czech Republic or so) and potatoes with veggy sausage.

Sure, somehow I have to entertain myself during those lazy days…being without work for a while is bizarre…and now that I am done with my cross stitch picture (frame ordered already) I can carry on with my 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

To please the sea gods today we shall listen to that song.

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