Light hurts!

-12 degrees Celsius.
Well, what can I say to the sports musical I just came back from…maybe one rhetorical question: What kinda mood conveys a musical that has ”Christmas spirit” in its title and plays the Ghost Busters song right at the beginning?…
My ears stopped understanding any of the sound after a minute…same with my eyes.
There was just one song I listened to carefully…which intrigued me: ‘Labyrinth’ by Oomph!
Apart of all the numbness I felt during the musical…I felt a lot more deeper before and after it…I felt how my soul took a deep breath and then I smiled.
We took pics there..and my new clothes really look cool (even my mum noticed my sexy trousers with a certain degree of jealousy)
For tonight I had enough visual/audio impressions…maybe just some for pictures for you now…
Gonzo (he is really huge now, like a big fluffy teddy cat) and Tapanga

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