The Light in the Hall

It’s as if someone left the light on in the hall from half four until far beyond nine.
After an hour running, stretching and fighting the weeds along the narrow path by the river, the yachts had vanished.
In disbelief I look at people coming out of their holes…into a nature they had rejected still a few months ago.
Less than two weeks I realise summer is an awful time to die because the gap between darkness and light is just too great to imagine what you are about to vanish into.
Yes, I hadn’t thought I would like Anna Karenina but it felt like a society at night.

On my travels and shortly before the funeral of what was left of my grandmother – her spirit gone already for years – I read about new perspectives on freedom, Aztec ritual killings and the seven newly discovered poisonous frog species.

“More than the loss of life, man fears loss of meaning.”
I really must read Leviathan (After all, I discounted Aristotle and Derrida already)

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