Mood of the cows

Sometimes I dream of words…their literal meaning…what it is to me and to others…so it was two nights ago when I saw myself dreaming of the letter combination resulting in ”date”, ”flirt” and ” cheat”…philosophy about what new thought web they build in the context of my new self.

Last night I dreamed of being in Halle (a place in Germany which is too small to be known but too vast in my memory to know every street, so I often get lost there)…looking for a hospital for internal medicine…I passed lots of houses…there the facades of houses have got a distinct fawn colour – not exactly like after the war but hmm 50s or 60s. I was actually tempted to walk into a music hospital (a building I have been to in other dreams)…before my alter ego could find the right hospital I was woken by my phone…strangely sweaty…must have been the thought of thick snow earlier this night.

My new pet – the pigeon outside my bathroom window – is strangely noisy this morning…there wasn’t a thunderstorm as several sources promised yesterday but, well, you never know about the mood of the cows.

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