Ah I feel so good…having a new fresh phone number for my new phone…well, a German phone number but at least I can personalize my phone now.
This day was anyway freaky. I went to the nearby town and the landscape was just so beautiful. Usually on the highway you cant see lots of the countryside but…the countryside roads are a lot more beautiful…coupled with snow…the white sketched a new landscape. This appears to be a break through…me and enjoying German landscape…
The scene afterwards was a little more surreal. My father and I picked up my mum (she decided to go ski today…) and then went to my grandmother..on the table of her living room were at least ten candles, she cooked jam again (and got hundred bottles of this disgusting orange/apple stuff in the cellar already) and she repeated her words again and again…..
”I only need money for cooking.”
”I do not buy any clothes or any shoes” (She bought fifty new shoes the last three month…)
”They increased the energy price again by hundred euros.”
I lack the words for this and what it causes inside me. The meds dont help anymore. Already when she opened the door, I saw she did not want to let us in. She did not know who we were…maybe she never knew…

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