neutral void

With the blood comes the restlessness and dreams that are uncontrollable. I meet people in my dream which scare me and when I get to know them better they fascinate me.
So I had an evening walk after I noticed quickly that it is useless laying in bed, trying to sleep.
I walked slowly round the campus. I watched the stars (didnt let myself fall into the grass as I was wearing a white jacket but…still the stars inspired me), the rabbits jumping running from the drunken teenagers stumbling round here for some kinda university tours, the fox which ran off cause two students came by (I am sure he would have come to me if the two guys werent there) and the final was the little hedgehog sniffing around in the grass with its nose and it made me chortle each time when he seemed to have found an insect he made some funny sound.
It is this neutral void making me feel itchy (or all the sweet stuff I drank today)

I am anyway off to think about my last night’s dream

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