Yes I just deleted all my posts…felt like getting rid of all the old trash…probably that explains why I got a new haircut today. Be free.
I feel like I fell in love with him again – again is a little wrong as it never stopped – and enjoy sleeping next to him every night.
Talking to his friends yesterday I really thought about leaving Germany again…She told me that sometimes it is good to leave everything behind…to get to new shores…Is it truly the right decision to go into the direction of nothingness? I could also do my Master or PhD in Germany and just go abroad for three months. And start the writing career from here…
In fact the main reason is that you do not leave a three year relationship behind like this…
Maybe the decision of the universities will take some burden from me.

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  1. Anonymous

    good to see ya Growing Up..Behaving maturely..and more importantly becoming responsible towards people who Love you!! Best wishes will always love to see you like this..

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