Pain is a blessing, not bliss

It’s almost twelve…I just got up.
My mother is having her last day at work and luckily my brother and his girl are at her place.
Only the cats are in my room…Tapanga just tried to eat my hundred year old book.
For today I decided to tidy up my ”memory box”…there are lots of lose photos in and all the trash from the past 22 years.

There is snow on the windows again…these roof windows are no good in winter.
I am thinking of Lucky this morning.
Maybe I should scan some more baby photos on my pc…
Just found a wedding pic of my parents (23rd August 1986)…wonder where her dress is (typical 80’s flower style)
Oh and here we got a heavy lock (something like 19th century) and in a small box I lock the most precious my fingers can feel: I kept some of Lucky’s hair in there…it is still so soft (thought it might become dry after some time but….)
Wow and all kinda newspaper from lots of different countries…I even kept all envelopes and every single card (for birthday, Christmas or Easter and my parent’s wedding cards)…actually it is time for a little system with so many letters…or all the train tickets…awww and I even still have got the masterpieces of the kids at my mum’s school where I did an internship last year.
Unfortunately the wonderful smell of the first letter from London is gone by now…even the seven diaries between the New Scientist take loads of space.
Godddd my stamp collection!! I doubt they ever will be worth anything (stamps of cats and dogs never increase in worth)
I got my father’s christening certificate in here and forty year old pics of my mum and her cousin.
Ha just found the key for my dream book…the one where I recorded dreams and visions (only for a year or so) …from 2003 to end of 2005.
Except for my favourite spoon and some more photo albums, a calendar of John Constable and Salvador Dali…that’s it…and now only putting some more things into the latest photo album and then I am done.

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