Ipseity: Individual identity, Selfhood.

Also see. Ipseity disturbance: A self-disorder, a psychological phenomenon of disruption or diminishing of a person’s sense of basic self-awareness.

What makes us, our Self? Our sense of being individuals, Ipseity.

Self-awareness is not always obvious but just as we define our own existence at often difficult times in our lives, we go through stages of transformation, reviewing our actions in past, present and future.

But not only self-doubt and fear can take hold of us then, we also strive to be a better version of ourselves, and create a plastic, fabricated image living only in our imagination. And this is when we begin to lose this vital self-awareness, and tip the balance.

In Ipseity, Lady of Poetry discovers how the Self develops, how it grows and is shaped by its surroundings. She plays with space in black and white, exploring how deep our Self runs, and getting ever closer to the point where dark and light must eventually cross. This is a journey, exploring how the Self unfolds through black and white photography, letters, words and short poems.

Lady of Poetry defies conventions of verse and combines two of the world’s greatest passions: words and visuals. With a mix of Conceptual Poetry and photography, this piece defines its own space and individual identity as modern, visual art.

Ipseity hints at different layers within space, and a tracing paper cover invites the reader to go underneath and allow impressions of the black and white spaces to linger – to slowly edge closer to his own Self.