Mozart’s Touch

The idea of working with sheet music is always close to my heart, and sometimes I simply cannot resist. Mozart’s Touch is inspired by the sensual joys of Mozart’s piano music; however, do not be misled. The actual sheet music is from another 20th century musical talent, on tracing paper, with my photography of three women, strong and playful in their own individual way; all under the guise of an account of how pianists experience ‘playing’ Mozart – his music, and the delights of life in his work.

Yes some people underestimate Mozart because it’s not as “technically demanding” as Bach or Tchaikovsky, but in actuality it’s just as hard to play. People tell me I have an excellent Mozartian touch and I think it’s because I’ve played it a lot more than any other… so for starters, you should play a lot more classical music.

When I practice Mozart, I start slowly in small sections, with the metronome using staccato. I never use the pedal until it’s almost a finished product… the details have to be so even and pearly! It’s not quite a detached sound like Bach but surfacy, clear.

Playing Mozart musically is the most important though… the dynamics should be deliberate, each note has to have something special.