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Okay, okay, it might be a bit too high up the dream ladder checking for a room at The Ritz in London – for my one opera evening in October: Carmina Burana – but with 3000 GBP for the superior suite, I can at least enjoy the pictures on their website for free.
And despite that I know exactly where it is in London, even the cheapest rate 360GBP for their ”smallest” room is a bit above the budget I set for my stay.
Although I doubt The Ritz is still such a symbol of fashion, the rich and glamorous as hundred years ago, one night one day, I do it.
For my prestigious moment in October, I stick to the hotels half the Standard Ritz rate, or simply leave London over night.
No clue how tourists get by…

Here a few updates of what was allegedly happening in the time of silence

Besides that we’ve got death in common, do you know what differentiates us?
You signed your death certificate by lying all your armour on the table. That makes you a coward.
I stripped myself naked but never denied anything.
That makes me a martyr, and who do you think people will remember.
There are others lots less gifted,suffered equally and dare you blame it on fate.

A scene like out of an East German comedy…and a tribute to German geographical varieties abroad.
A tourist family on the bus to Sandwich…sitting behind me…they talk…after a while a young punk girl with blonde hair walks up to them.

“Are you German?”
“Are you from East Germany?”
“Yes, we are from Erfurt”
“I am from Chemnitz.”
I grin and chortle aloud inside…I almost turn and saay “And I am from near Halle” but I am egoistic enough to keep the joke to me…ah fair enough I shared it with my parents later…though it sounded more funny when I told it on German…

Okay am not usually into jokes but…that one was such a classic…with abstract characters and I can tell you…the family looked very much like a typical German family with a communist background and a touch of poverty.

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