Slugs in Japan – or the needlessness of time

For some, this is sci-fi with the profound excitement of slime and sludge, for others it’s the nuisance of running late.
And being late is a sincere sacrilege in some countries around the world. While a small village in the far North of Norway still contemplates the concept of abolishing time, further South from the North pole, an efficient people find themselves at the mercy of the forces of nature.
A power outage across Japan’s railway network caused by – apparently – one slug halted trains and certainly jumbled up timetables. Sadly, the culprit was fried alive – even beyond the point of being eatable.

But, tell me, what would the abandonment of man-made time mean to us?

Those who live by their inner clock have found we can keep time just fine without our phones or watches. Seemingly by magic, our bodies re-adjust to nature’s cycle. It is man who seeks security in certainty. No time means handing control back to nature, well out of bounds of a fall-back mechanism.

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