Some spirits don’t let me sleep (and it isn’t myself)

Weird, lots of people are angry with me again for being straight…but I feel so cool (cause the most important people still love me)…just constructed a fantastic poem (one poem per day is really doable) with the help of a very awkward last night.
I think I did some sleepwalking coupled with visions and dreams…in the middle of the night I found myself sitting up straight in bed and I looked to the left and suddenly was so shocked I sank back into my pillows (awww surrealist reality, lovely isnt it?) No idea what exactly scared me so much then, maybe there were shadows or just the fact that I am in an unusual position in bed. I knew I move a lot in bed but never did sleep walk. Luckily ten minutes later I woke up with some genius lines…all in all a fantastic restless night.
Today is rainy and still no appointment at a dental practice.
I guess I grin very stupidly while listening to the song right now (The Pretenders – Dont get me wrong). Kept myself busy today with poetry and poetry….ah and poetry. Most of my poems I don’t recognize anymore…if I ever see them in a book somewhere I’d bet it was written by someone else…just one word: Alienation.

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