The Mistaken Approach to Monogamy

Shortly before my weekend in Cologne begins…

I do not intend to enter the debate between monogamists and those who like a change here and there. Still I have my own take on the story… and I can tell you it doesn’t leave room for good thoughts on eternal love… or loyalty (a keyword in the subject). Where do you pin down loyalty… when we are not physically loyal then at least our heart has a limit how much emotion we permit. There sure are walls in all of us.

The absence of a living creature in my household has no effect on how I treat my books.

God forbid I will ever follow an adult logic.
Here and there I pick up books unbeknown to my eyes. So it happened in the last bookshop – after I spent a good hour in the basement contemplating my newly evolved thoughts on chivalry. The book I chose was the ‘100 artist’s Manifestos’. I flicked through a couple of manifestos I knew already, like the ‘Manifesto of Surrealism’ from Breton… until I reached the ‘Concrete Art Manifesto’ from Jean Arp…. and you know how something suddenly lights up your world. That was my moment of sunshine, with the concept that concrete art is devoid of all emotion because art creates its own emotion the reader lives in.

I tumble into sleep… the last image I can fill with awareness is Elizabeth Short’s two body parts.
The rest is obsession… or as they say History.

My final Christmas verdict shall follow after the weekend…
…meanwhile you would like to find out what the Oxford English Dictionary thinks which words originated in your birth year

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