The mystery goes on…

This morning I were sure I woke up to heaven: breakfast was English tea, so fresh yummy fruit salad and fried mushrooms with bread (never had something like this before) and on top of it (so literally) I overlooked all the town. It was lots to eat but needed for the walk ahead. The 4 miles were not so bad…though tough at some moments when the hill went up. And I had to walk close to the main street…the landscape appeared so familiar…it felt like I returned to the womb of my existence. I struggled with tears several times and by the time I arrived at the castle, my mind crossed a line where all pain was gone for the curiosity. I photographed each centimeter of the ruin, bought a book about the castle’s history and it all confused me much more than the dreams I had.
The castle has an unusual history in fact, it is one of the few castles built by some non-royal person, it is unknown when the castle was built exactly but certainly mentioned in the death certificate of a member of the Pomeroy family in 1597. And then in 1547 it was sold to the Seymour family (the brother of Jane Seymour, the queen to Henry VIII, the one who gave birth to Edward) and two hundred centuries later even the Seymours couldn’t afford their extension plans anymore which led to the abandonment of the castle.
I myself feel particularly drawn to the Pomeroy family, some loyalty to them makes me think that the Pomeroys are still the legitimate owners of this property; although a Pomeroy sold it because he was badly in debt (so the historical saying). However I am taken to further thoughts which lead to another one-way road when I read that the castle was never ever into any fight or siege. Apart of the point: which castle ever was not in a fight ever in its history?…I dreamed of some kinda fight…back in the time, the war of the Roses influenced the people’s life and in fact that is why the castle was built: the Pomeroys felt the need to protect themselves a lot more (and ironically were however never attacked) hmmm.
I left the place with a feeling of inner peace and much more questions than I ever had before (and probably 500 pictures taken).

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