The real world

Ah now and then I really find myself saying rather clever stuff, e.g. Feelings are made in the brain, not the stomach.
More or less out of context.
And indeed I go through a re-creational phase myself – which could be a result of a high oestrogen level or the storm breaking branches of which my mother saw pictures on German TV and then texted me about my well being. Needless to say I had intensely subconscious dreams all night.

Did you ever notice the more you dream the more you pretend in reality? Or does the gap between our pure desires become more apparent?

I read a Hesse essay about joy last night…the little pleasures…they really must have put a sweet pre-sleep smile on my face. He recognised the fast paced issues in our society and said joys don’t cost a thing…a walk through nature…it was a true paradox that he mentioned his joyful walk to work…that’s walking the line…recognise duties and let daffodils grow out of the roots of roses.
Nearly twelve hours later I memorise one of my English lecturers at uni who said that my wish of wanting to have a goat and a couple of donkeys one day is completely inappropriate…as if it’s not enough that my mother is striving for a completely unrealistic future for me.
Back then I believed her fifty years of academic experience but today I know that the rotting fragrance in higher education cannot be overlooked anymore. Like everything the wrong rises from the core (yes that stuff’s not only happening in heaven). 

And while the rest of us still wonders about how to improve society, I scrub my bathroom…

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  1. Hello Lady,

    I have recently being enjoying your blog.
    Thank you for this gift to us all.

    With respect however I find the following line confusing:-
    'Needless to say I had intensely subconscious dreams all night.'

    Are not all dreams subsconsious?
    One might assume such a statement is guilty of pleonasm.



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