The saddest day in youth

How sad am I, really!
I just came back home…rushing to get to the bathroom…I didn’t mind that my neighbour stopped me for a chat…however, he was closer than the comfortable meter you usually leave between two people and….I could not find an excuse so quickly when he said he is lonely…and don’t I feel lonely too and if we could not go out for dinner one day. 
– and he is about 80! (without exaggeration)-
How sad is it that I always attract men at last twice my often you double or tripple the age I do not care…it is just sad that no young man (lets say…from 25 to 35) is actually interested in me.

To get away from the most ridiculous talk of the month I used the excuse why I was basically in a hurry: without a shame I told him I quickly had to get to the bathroom…okay, it may have not been fair to leave an old man standing there like that but….gosh, how else could I have saved myself!

I decided on not taking the pill anymore…I had enough of doctors and my body going wild. The doc yesterday really said ”Do you have acne?” and without my confirmation he gave me a prescription for a pill that’s supposed to be a contraceptive and heal acne. Wow No way.
My body needs a break from hormonal influence!

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