Their struggle for union

I wanted to watch it ever since I saw it in the TV listening.
So after I tried on a couple of clothes and mentally shoes for a day I hope to come soon, I turn it on.
A BBC documentary about Detroit…a requiem, so they claim….about the ”post-industrial future which awaits us all”.
The pictures kick off with the usual American speeches, sirens and Eminem’s Eight Mile in the background. It excites me, although I know nothing about any of such glory.
After all it is only about cars…or…movement, metaphorically spoken, and now that Americans have discovered everything about their country, moving East and West and zig-zagging all over the country, the pilgrims’ hopes and dreams have died in that town, finally. -Near the end of ”On the Road”…what a miserable coincidence.-
That’s where this stuff comes from: a theatre dies in the fifties, why? because no parking, so an American mind concludes: make the theatre a car park.
Movement…I still hold one of my motives about society true: Minor movements, movements of minority.
Bleak, this sort of exploitation, for the stockholders.

Five minutes of my valuable yesterday afternoon I spent staring at a poster, an advertisement from a new local scaffolder. Besides that ”champion” is a bit of a too great name for a few pieces of metal, their ”slogan” was ”Erecting your Future”. It was not so much the present I was puzzled by but what it held up. It was not supporting the beams of a modern house no, it supported one of those many old Tudor houses in town. Not alone was the house erected anyway many years ago, it also means the scaffold holds up the past, not the future.
Ah, I find myself lost in this future-past-conundrum, misleading advertisement.

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