“Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; twenty years of marriage makes her look like a public building.” (Oscar Wilde)

Today after work I actually decided to award myself and definitely get my bracelet…What do you believe happened?
The shop was closed…sometimes it is like…witchcraft. Maybe I really should not buy it…I will try it again this afternoon.
So, I bought some grapes and a big bottle of water and ended up in library.
I decided to eat more fruits, made fruit salad yesterday.
I got lots of letters this week, there was also a postcard from my parents. Came from Insbruck (Austria) but they stayed there only for a day and went on to the north west coast of Italy.

Another letter came from Jena letting me know that I can (could!!!) study there, just need to send some more forms until 23rd July. I am not quite sure if running after the forms is worth the fact that in the end I will not study there anyways. And I dont have a computer at home anymore where I could print the forms (conclusion: copyshop, further conclusion: extra costs) Have to discuss that with my mum and she is coming back on 18th.
Hmmm grapes are only half finished…what else…
Ah the second print of the university magazine is out and I was glad they printed my two poems the way I sent it to them. I wondered if the two could stand in between two short stories. They can, pretty well. Kinda makes me proud (Proud of them, not myself!)
Lately I am coping much better with my big ego: habits die hard yet I keep myself busy the times Mustafa is happily married with his BA thesis. God thankz football is almost over.
Yesterday, I bought a puzzle, 1000 pieces and puzzling calms me a lot but it also pushes me forward to put everything together: quick and correct (Dont tell me that is a German attitude)

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