Venisti remanebis donec denuo completus sis

No doubt it has been an exciting time over the last – what is it… one month …more, likely – one month.
This afternoon quiet waves of thick fogs hover over the channel. From my desk I can see France as a dark outline, almost an armada, not moving at all. I know it is there though… also because ever since I started I had the great pleasure to watch different weather conditions across this 25 mile stretch of water.

In recent weeks my health was critical but I am picking up writing again. Digitalising most of the words that have been written.

I have been reading this article from the Guardian … and others with great excitement. Apparently the development of milk with no cows in the production process is moving forward and despite that I am stuck down here on earth with the lovely duo of seagulls greeting me every morning, I am greatly interested in the different expansion rates of the universe (classified in density by hot and cold).

I wish everyone a pleasant weekend (I know it will be good because they forecasted rain tomorrow morning)

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