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It is one of those quiet evenings when you sit down with a cup of tea and contemplate the question: why it cannot have been a woman? Why does my gut feel tell me that it was a man, although my gut feel should tell me something completely different anyway…

When he asked me that question I found it immensely annoying…still I knew it was important to understand the question about the matter of sex.
I love him because he asks annoying questions, and because I can listen to Alphaville – Dance with me and it immediately takes me into his arms.
When this murder appeals to me, as a woman, then is the objective not clear to say: everything is possible?

With a slight distraction, I read the first paragraphs of ”Sophie’s World” and the question ”Who are you?” always hits me, each single time knowing that it is coming. 

Therefore, in the psyche of a serial killer – in the psyche of every insane person – does it really matter to differ male from female? Is it not rather that we are all neuters just with different mental patterns, we differ only in thoughts, not so much physically.
You may stone me for that now but…in OUR world, basically all the people normal shrinks would qualify as mentally insane, we do not think with our body. 
Yes, yes, the mutilation and the sexually oriented torture…….well, that is more a side product of greater intentions and needs.
Sex is a physical need, but we realise (as in realism) mental needs. And so our murderer realised the need to express his understanding of aesthetics. 
Frankly, I am still in awe how beautiful she lies there….strangely I find myself slipping onto the wrong side, unlike ever before I struggle with my own need: to commit murder, murder in such a beautiful way.

Here a song that might give you a feeling, some feeling.

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