When the clouds are quicker than (u)sual

When it comes to inspiration this moment is just well the best: A huge silent student area in the library with view over the valley and the town, foggy, and ”English man in New York” added to the whole. Now dont tell me you dont get goosebumps when you think of that!?

Almost beginning of November and autumn finally decided to come up with some fog, brown and yellow leaves and gulls knowing that there will be a time of loss.
How much better can a Wednesday evening be…rhetorically asked sure.
I feel so much close to feeling of home lately. The sun shines everywhere and the moon is full all around the world…still, I did not arrive yet. No where.
The term is on its half and I felt like I didn’t do anything…reading and writing is not very beneficial though it may be enough for the submission of two portfolios in January.

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