why a cow is not timeless but leather is

When my mother ”convinced” me to buy a leather jacket I were sceptical. Her words still echo ”Leather is timeless” – then why a cow is not?
But well, now wearing a trouser in a size smaller than usual and the cool high heels, I am sure I look like a rock girly of the 80’s.
Anyway, I admit that I was down after my parents left and not even all the clothes they bought for me could bear a bit of the sadness.
Freedom has a price I couldnt even guess now.
Exactly one month before leaving.
I already looked through some of the works of different authors we will have a look at there. I am surprised how close it is to my writing style.
Did you ever hear of a liger? a crossing of lion and tiger. An a-natural product…interestingly happening ten times already.
Maybe you can check out the video by ”Hurts” – Wonderful life. I am always amazed by guys who can sing so carelessly with so emotional words.
See you around Angelz

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