Why we love women

Because they listen, they say.
Because they are sensitive, they say.
And sensible, they say.

But women also want to be heard, we say.
Women want to be feeling- and felt, we say.
With all our heart, in agony and passion, we say.

Because we are different, they say.
They think outside the box, they say.
And the box matters little when you float on a cloud, they say.

We are human, we say.
In every sense of the word sensing, we say.
Wondering and curious minds, we say.

Because they wander in grace, they say.
Long legs and the approach to perfected curves, they say.
For what’s smooth on the outside, must be so within, they say.

A lady walks, never runs, we say.
We care for ourselves, our sanity and appearance, we say.
True attraction is a by-product of confidence,

we say.

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